What are Hammertoes?
By Clintonville-Dublin Foot & Ankle Group
December 29, 2017
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What your foot doctors in Clintonville and Dublin want you to knowhammertoes

A hammertoe gets its name from a deformity in your toe which resembles a hammer. Your toe can bend inward at the middle joint, forcing the bone to jut outward. Over time, your tightened muscles become unable to straighten out, and your joint remains in an unnatural position, causing the deformity known as hammertoe. Fortunately, there are ways to both prevent and treat hammertoe.

Your podiatrists at the Clintonville/Dublin Foot & Ankle Group want to share the facts about hammertoe. They have two convenient office locations in Clintonville and Dublin, OH to help your feet.

Hammertoe typically happens to your second, third or fourth toe and is caused by wearing shoes that don’t fit properly and crowd your toes, forcing the joint to jut outward. You can also get hammertoe from a muscle or tendon imbalance in your foot. Hammertoe is more common in women because they often wear shoes that are too narrow, forcing the toes into uncomfortable, contorted positions.

You can recognize hammertoe by its unique deformity and by the formation of calluses or corns at the top of your toe’s middle joint. Corns or calluses form because of your toes rubbing against the inside of your shoes. Over time, hammertoe can make it difficult for you to wear shoes.

It’s best to prevent hammertoe by following a few simple steps:

  • Wear shoes with enough room for your toes
  • Do toe exercises like picking up objects from the floor
  • Stretch your toes individually
  • Wear cushions, callus or corn pads
  • Take anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling

Your podiatrists at the Clintonville/Dublin Foot & Ankle Group offer several effective remedies for stubborn, severe cases of hammertoe. They may recommend:

  • Splinting your toe to realign the joint
  • Wearing custom-fit orthotics to ease pain and correct an imbalance
  • Injections of corticosteroids to lessen inflammation
  • Surgical correction for severe hammertoe cases

Don’t suffer the pain and disabling effects of hammertoe. Get some relief and get back on your feet by calling your podiatrists at the Clintonville/Dublin Foot & Ankle Group, with offices in Clintonville and Dublin, OH. Call today!